HP Services

HP Services is a company started in 1983 by Gary Hooper, the 'H' and partner Jim Profit the 'P' to satisfy a Service requirement for equipment distributors, manufacturers and broadcasters in Canada.

Services offered include: complete repair, refurbishing and calibration of broadcast equipment; application and feasibility studies, systems design, equipment specification, budget preparation, component and systems installation, turnkey projects, as well as NAV-COM and Industry Canada compliance testing.

Our principal business is complete repair, refurbishing and calibration of radio and television broadcast equipment, AM- FM transmitters, transmitter monitors, exciters, microwave STL equipment and multiplex generators as well as studio facilities equipment. HP Services has been steadily incrementally successful in this area and has one of Canada’s best equipped service facilities.

Today, HP Services is a sole proprietorship, owned by Gary Hooper who has been continuously working in broadcast technology for 47 years as a broadcast technician and engineering director. Gary is a member of the Society of Broadcast Engineers, and is past President of the Central Canada Broadcast Engineers. Gary holds the 1987 CAB Gold Ribbon award for broadcast engineering.

From 1980 to 1996, as director of engineering for Telemedia Communications, he was responsible for the design and “hands on” construction of 35 transmitter sites and studio facilities, addressable Satellite Networks, and digital broadcast systems. He is familiar with all aspects of equipment requirements and the strengths and weaknesses of various manufacturers offerings. This experience has given him a realistic perspective on projects of any scale, and the ability to see them to completion on time and on budget with careful prioritization of the critical factors of reliability, broadcast quality, longevity and cost.

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